Honey Mussels ® start life in a hatchery.  Broodstock are chosen from among the adult mussels on each of the farms with care thus ensuring quality and continuity within the next generation.  The seed is cultivated under controlled conditions prior to being distributed to the 3 production farms.

It takes about 18 months for the Honey Mussels ® to reach market size of 6.5 cm+. They are cultured on ropes suspended in the water column to provide the individual mussels access to microscopic algae, their food source. The water they are grown in is monitored for quality to ensure no toxins are present.   This type of culture provides the mussels with the very best growing conditions that result in sweet, plump, clean, mussels. The rapid growth achieved through equal access to food, translates into uniformity of size and tender sweet taste.


Honey mussels® spawn in the early Spring and release their gametes into the water.


The rafts made from plastic and Styrofoam are anchored in protected bays.


At the end of their swimming stage they attach to spat collectors.


The water that the mussels grow in are pristine.


Within 24 hours the fertilized eggs form shells and swim for several weeks.


They grow attached to ropes that are hung from rafts in the ocean.


At the end of the growth cycle the mussels are stripped off the ropes, graded for size and cleaned.